from 3 to 8
A finishing line and a new challenge.
The engine of our camp is the passion and the enthusiasm which only basketball can transmit. To take advantage of this spirit we are providing you with two levels, which are Minibasketball and advanced basketball, much more technical.

The 9th International edition of Venice Basket Camp will offer you a unique experience. Especially if you are an enthusiast, it will allow you to improve your technique and your vision of the game.

To give the player a chance to improve, perfect his game, while taking advantage of the team spirit, we are requesting the assistance of three real talents who will transmit their knowledge ,especially the essence of the game. The first one is Aleh Kojenets of the School Sabonis.
The second one is Filip Miladinovich Coach of the famous Camp "Prof . Aleksandar Nikolic".
And finally the person in charge of the physical preparation will be Alexander Kossmann, Physical Assistant of Paris Levallois’s professionnal team

For the young players we will focus solely on Minibasketball, specially for their level, where techniques, love and understanding of the game are thaught at the same time, thus giving them a chance to better themselves. A week they will never forget.

Last but not least we also have a whole qualified, attentive and sensitive team ready to cater to all of your needs, sports and human wise.
They will be with you in this journey towards new experiences and amazing future lifetime memories.
Our coaches